A guide to fishing around in chilliwack

A guide to fishing around in chilliwack

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Chilliwack’s authority on Real Estate, Bryan Van Hoepen and the team, are well known to help people make a home in Chilliwack, but they also help locals locate great Reel Estate too!

As the Fraser River rushes from the rocky mountains to the shores of the pacific ocean, fish flow freely through these magnificent waters and greet us here in Chilliwack with some of the best big game fishing in Canada.

This means that we’re lucky to have some of the largest and oldest species of freshwater fish in North America as our next-door neighbours, white sturgeon. And because there’s not much more exciting than the thrill of seeing a six-foot white sturgeon come exploding through the surface at the end of your reel, Bryan Van Hoepen and team have prepared this article to help you discover the best Reel Estate in Chilliwack.

Take a look below and then grab some crawfish to reel in one of these ancient giants from our Fraser River.


This one is a bit of a drive, but well worth it if you’d like to go somewhere with less competition from other anglers.

Located north of Chilliwack, drive from Fairfield Island along Hope River Road until it becomes Camp River Road. From there, continue to drive until the road changes its name at Ferry Road and look for a turnoff on the left titled Rosedale Ferry Road. Travel towards the Agassiz Boat Launch, located on Bridge Road. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see a large and wide gravel area.

From there, you can cast off from the shore or launch your boat. If you’re looking for a great past to cast, try to find an unpopulated area near the southern side of the river, west of the bridge.


Here’s another one that’s North of Chilliwack. Travel north through Fairfield driving up towards McDonald Road towards Ballam Road. Travel along the scenic drive up the Fraser River until you reach the river access on McSween Road.

Peg Leg Bar is a bit busier so there’s a good chance you’ll see a white sturgeon come leaping out of the water in a battle against an angler. Hopefully, that’s you… and if it is, have some fun by professing your shock and amazement by shouting: “shiver me timbers.”


This popular equestrian and boating destination is on the banks of the Fraser River and the Shefford Slough, which is located north of Chilliwack with easy access from Young Road then Cartmell Road.

The regional park has full-service equestrian/horseback riding facilities, a large/popular boat launch area, picnic sites, walking and biking trails and there’s an off-leash dog park too. This is a great place to grab a rod and reel in some time with family and friends not too far from home.

From vessel or shore, Island 22 has some great riverside Reel Estate.


This is where the monsters are.

To visit this passage in time, travel along the mighty Fraser River between Boston Bar and Hells Gate.

It’s a little over an hour commute up the Trans-Canada highway, so before you depart from your home in Chilliwack, get prepared by researching the area and play it safe before embarking off any embankments.

Fraser Canyon is east of Chilliwack along the river towards a stretch that provides a world-class white sturgeon fishing experience. This popular area has been featured on television and in outdoor magazines, but it is only fishable from June through August.

The Reel Estate in the canyon, much like the Real Estate in Chilliwack is highly sought after, so make sure you talk to a guide, much like you would a real estate agent. Their expert knowledge will help you find the best place to get the most out of your experience.

Due to the limitless Reel Estate, Chilliwack has a lot of charters and knowledgeable guides in our community who can take you out on their boat, teach you about these fish that can live for 150 years and increase your chance of reeling one in.

When you’re looking for Real Estate, get in touch with Bryan Van Hoepen and his team to gain more detail on residential or commercial property. They’re experts on Chilliwack neighbourhoods and can assist you with finding out which neighbourhoods have the type of home or business near the river that you seek.

As a top-producing REALTOR® with over two decades of experience in the Chilliwack market, get credibility and accountability when you receive assistance finding a neighbourhood and home that is ideal for you.

Living in the mountains, along the Fraser River is easier than you think. All you have to do is imagine the possibilities of living in Chilliwack.