Best Places to Hike in Chilliwack, BC

Best Places to Hike in Chilliwack, BC

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With its scenic natural surroundings and ideal positioning outside the major urban centres of BC, Chilliwack is the perfect place for hikers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts to settle in.

Life in Chilliwack means never running out of trails to explore—although you may find a favourite to return to every weekend! It means living an active lifestyle year round with ease, with access to both natural BC beauty and all the amenities you need without travelling out of town.

Ready to get hiking? Here are our top 5 picks for the best places to hike in our beloved home of Chilliwack, BC!

1. Seven Sisters

seven sisters hike view of the lake

A Chilliwack must-see, this trail is aptly named for the seven giant Douglas-fir trees (three still standing, and four now fallen) that await hikers along their journey. This scenic hike is just a short 20-25 minute drive from the heart of Chilliwack.

A relatively short hike through the 2nd generation growth forest by Cultus Lake, this is a local favourite for regular visits to get a breath of fresh air and soak up the timeless beauty of the area.

The trail is about a 3km round trip and should take you about an hour.

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2. Teapot Hill

teapot hill view from the top!

If you’re looking for a longer hike, the Seven Sisters trail also connects with another Chilliwack favourite: Teapot Hill.

A bit of steeper climb will take you to a breathtaking viewpoint at the summit—well worth the 5km roundtrip. The trail will take you about 2 hours, making it another doable trail to frequent on weekends all year long!

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3. Vedder Ridge Trail

The Vedder Ridge Trail is the perfect route for those interested in a moderately difficult and longer adventure. This trail will lead you up to the summit of Vedder Mountain, where you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Chilliwack River Valley and—on a clear day—the scenic silhouette of Mt. Baker on the horizon.

This trail will take you about 4 hours roundtrip—perfect for a half-day adventure or a hike/picnic combo.

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4. Mt. MacFarlane (Pierce Lake Trail)

If you’re looking for a challenging adventure, you can make the 40 minute drive to Pierce Lake Trail and tackle Mt. MacFarlane. To summit the mountain, you’ll need about 7-10 hours. However, there are a couple of great stopping points at Lower and Upper Pierce Lake if you’re looking for a slightly shorter journey.

This is a great adventure for seasoned hikers looking for a challenge and an extremely rewarding view. The trail is a great summer hike, when the days are long and you can take your time on an all-day journey, but can be done year-round as long as you don’t mind some extra challenges associated with less daylight and tougher trail conditions.

The full trail (to the summit) is a whopping 21km—so pack a lunch, lots of water, and get ready to make a new favourite mountain memory.

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5. Mount Thom Park

With two route options of varying length and difficulty, this a great place to visit for either a short jaunt up a mountain or a “long way around” journey to the summit.

The shorter route will take you about an hour, covering about 1.5km. On the longer route (the Thom Creek Trail), you’ll cover about 8km in around 3 hours. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Promontory and Cultus Lake.

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Take your active lifestyle to new heights in Chilliwack

Looking for a place where you can enjoy the outdoors all year round? Chilliwack could be the city for you.

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