Fall Photo Ops: Best parks in Chilliwack for a stroll through nature

Fall Photo Ops: Best parks in Chilliwack for a stroll through nature

Fall is upon us and the remaining leaves look spectacular — but where can you go to enjoy the views? Chilliwack boasts 149 parks and trails, in both Downtown Chilliwack as well as in all surrounding areas of town:

Here’s our picks for the best parks in Chilliwack.

Cultus Lake Provincial Park

Cultus Lake Park, only 21 minutes from downtown, is Chilliwack’s recreation destination for fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, hiking, swimming and so much more. Famous for its lake and water park, people drive out from Vancouver and all over the province to enjoy day visits and camping at this famed local lake.

Salish Park

This historic park offers paved walking paths, picnic and seating areas, a playground and a beautiful pond ​​right in the center of downtown Chilliwack.

Before 1910, a rough system of roads linked the once small towns of Surrey, Langley, and Chilliwack all the way to New Westminster and Vancouver. 

In 1910, the British Columbia Electric Railway Company (BCER) completed their 75-mile tramline from Vancouver to Chilliwack. This central park sits where the turnaround station of this tramline once existed! 

Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

Many BC cities and towns have a bird sanctuary, however this one is dedicated to the extra special presence of the local Great Blue Heron population. Weighing in at up to 5 pounds, these birds stand more than 3 – 4.5 feet tall (with their necks relaxed in their signature “S”) and have a wing span of 5.5 to 6.5 feet! Enjoy their majesty at this central Chilliwack location. 

Mount Thom Park

A view worth the walk! This 70 acre park is full of scenic trails. The hike can be a bit challenging, but if you think the trails are too much, bring the horse! This network of trails has something for everyone.

Sardis Park

Making its debut as a Chilliwack park in 1971, this location is unlike most others. The pond was once a popular swimming spot and used to be stocked with trout.

While neither fishing or swimming are offered in this pond now, it is still a gorgeous location to walk through at any time of the year.

Chilliwack Community Forest


You might have heard of Chilliwack’s more than 30 community gardens, but what is a community forest? This location has been made available for recreation in partnership with the Chilliwack Parks Society and the Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association. The park boasts a great network of trails as well as picnic areas.

Townsend Park


Named after Harold Townsend, who lived on and farmed this location until it was purchased by the City in 1946, this park has it all. Its central location is perfect for a stroll (day and night) and is known as a playground for children and sports enthusiasts alike.

What about Dog Parks in Chilliwack?

If your four-legged family members are joining you on this stroll, chances are they are already welcome if on a leash. Many of the parks in town allow for dogs on leashes, however if you are looking for a place to socialize your pup, play fetch or otherwise let rover run free, Chilliwack has plenty to offer.

Off-leash or partially off-leash parks include:

  • Island 22
  • Sheffield Dog Off-Leash Area
  • No. 3 Rd Dog Off-Leash Park 
  • Vedder Park 
  • Vedder North Dyke Trail
  • Cultus Lake

Parks such as Great Blue Heron mentioned above allow for on-leash dog walks. Find all of Chilliwacks’s many parks here (and even search by amenity) to learn more or visit today.