Farms That you Must Visit in Chilliwack

Farms That you Must Visit in Chilliwack

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Within the Fraser Valley, we are fortunate to have such fertile land tucked between the impressive mountain views. With its abundance of farmland, Chilliwack is known for the abundance and quality of its crops. Within the city, you can easily find fresh local food, and some farm products are available year-round!

The farms in Chilliwack provide more than delicious crops though. Farms help shape the unique culture of Chilliwack, helping keep its history and values of hard work alive. They also connect you to the community and to the great outdoors. Visiting a farm not only provides a wholesome activity, it also can be a lot of fun. Read on for some of the farms that you must visit for a fun-filled day in Chilliwack


Fantasy Farms is much more than a farm with crops and animals. It’s a destination that emphasizes fun farm experiences. In addition to popular farm activities such as petting zoos and corn mazes, Fantasy Farms strives to create a variety of activities for children (and even adults during company events), including its delightful miniature train.

What Fantasy Farms is best known for is its many special events. Its seasonal events include Petey’s Easter Eggstravaganza, which includes an Easter egg hunt and Easter bunny visit, and Petey’s Country Christmas, which includes an abundance of Christmas decorations and the opportunity to meet Santa Clause. Perhaps their most popular event is its Reapers Haunted Attraction, which is a spectacular Halloween-themed horror experience with a frightening maze in the dark.CHILLIWACK TULIP FESTIVAL

With the largest tulip festival in western Canada, you don’t want to miss the Chilliwack Tulip Festival! The festival features over 30 varieties of tulips and 6.5 million tulips overall.

Even though tulips are the star of the show, more than just tulips are available. You can see 10 varieties of hyacinths and 17 varieties of specialty double daffodils in the first two weeks of the festival. The final couple of weeks feature tulips in a dazzling array of colours and varieties.

For the full Dutch experience, you can enjoy traditional Dutch food at the Chilliwack Tulip Festival. To take home some of the beauty of the festival, you can even purchase fresh flowers from the farm shop. The dates of the tulip festival depend on the weather but it generally begins in April and can last until early May.


For an impressive display of giant flowers, the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival is just the place for you. As the only sunflower show in BC, the endless fields of sunflowers are truly a magnificent sight to behold. You can view 25 varieties of sunflowers in different sizes and colours, ranging from yellow to orange to red and even purple.

Although the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival only started a few years ago, it comes from the same creators of the renown Chilliwack Tulip Festival. In addition to sunflowers, 6 varieties of gladiolus and 60 varieties of dahlias will be on display. If you want to view these fields of flowers, the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival runs from August to early September every year.


As Chilliwack is renowned for its delicious corn, it’s not surprising that one of its most famed attractions is its corn mazes. Chilliwack Corn Maze & Pumpkin Farm is the original corn maze in Chilliwack and has been operating since 1999.

Corn mazes are an excellent activity, providing exercise, a challenge and a bit of teamwork, all while getting you out in the outdoors. With a 12 acre maze, be prepared to spend a bit of time in the maze! For even more of a challenge, you could take on the maze in the dark using a flashlight to help navigate.

In addition to the maze, the Chilliwack Corn Maze & Pumpkin Farm also features a pumpkin patch with 15 varieties of pumpkins, farm animals and fire pits. If you’ve been to the corn maze before, be sure to go again as the maze changes every year. The corn maze is generally open from mid-August to September or October each year.

The farmland truly makes Chilliwack a special place. Not only does it provide a bounty of delicious food, it also provides a nice place to dine outdoors (or a picnic) and plenty of fun activities. Although these are the most well-known farm activities in Chilliwack, the city has plenty more to explore.

The rustic influence is what makes Chilliwack unique. In a city where amenities such as great healthcare and schools are available, Chilliwack is still able to retain its natural charm. If you are planning to relocate here, it would help to know which distinct neighbourhood in Chilliwack is best suited for you, whether you’re looking to settle in a farming community (or own your own farm) or in an urban setting that’s a quick drive to farm activities.

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