Get a taste of the best farm-fresh food in Chiliwack

Get a taste of the best farm-fresh food in Chiliwack

blueberries on the bush

Though Chilliwack is renowned as a fantastic fishing destination and has many golf courses in the area, perhaps these outdoor activities aren’t for you. Fortunately, the city is perhaps more famous for something else, and this is something that everybody can enjoy: its farm products!

When we mention Chilliwack farm products, you would be forgiven for only thinking about corn. Our corn certainly is sweet and delicious, but you would be missing out if you didn’t try all of the other delectable crops from our fields!

From the freshest fruits and vegetables to amazing animal products, we’ve got it all. Follow along as we show you some of the best and tastiest farm products that Chilliwack has to offer.


Let’s get the obvious out there first: Chilliwack has sweet corn – and plenty of it! Just because corn is ubiquitous with Chilliwack isn’t a bad thing. The city is teeming with this delicious treat. You can easily find corn throughout Chilliwack at one of the many iconic green and yellow Sparkes Corn Barns, which are drive-thru stands for you to conveniently purchase fresh corn!

When we mention that the corn is fresh, we mean fresh. All corn is handpicked on the same day and delivered straight from the fields. Grab a loyalty card from any Sparkes Corn Barn and get an extra ear of corn for every 6 purchased! You can be sure that you’re getting quality corn as Sparkes Chilliwack Corn is a local family farm that grows only non-GMO corn.

Sparkes staggers the planting of their corn to help ensure that the corn is always fresh. Start with their delicious Peaches-n-Cream and enjoy their famous Sparkes Triple Sweet Jubilee as the season progresses. With corn generally growing from July to October, corn season is hard to miss in Chilliwack!


For fresh fruit, head over to Klaassen Farms, which is a family-owned farm with 90 acres of naturally-grown blueberries. As blueberries are packed with good stuff such as vitamin C and fibre, Klaassen Farms aims to keep all those fantastic nutrients while keeping chemicals out by using only natural and non-toxic sprays and only spraying when necessary.

If you want your blueberries fresh, why not pick them yourself? With the U-Pick farm at Klaassen Farms, you can pick blueberries in July to August, but be sure to check to make sure berries are still available on the Klaassen Farms website.

At the farm, you can bring your own lunch to enjoy on their picnic tables and have some of their signature blueberry ice cream. While you’re there, you try their mouthwatering jams, scones and muffins at their farm shop! Alternatively, you could just stop by and purchase their pre-picked blueberries to save yourself the work.

Missed the blueberry season? You can still enjoy the refreshing taste of blueberries with the frozen blueberries. Klaassen Farms freezes their frozen blueberries within 24 hours after they are picked, preserving their fresh taste and maintaining their high amounts of antioxidants. Get them soon though as they are only available while supplies last!


Though many crops grow in Chilliwack, you shouldn’t forget about the other fantastic farm products that the city has to offer. For food that is as nutritious as it is delicious, it’s hard to beat eggs straight from the farm, which you can get from Brightside Eggs.

Brightside Eggs is a family-owned poultry farm that produces wholesome organic eggs, which is done through the extra care they provide to their hens. The free-range hens are raised in a cage-free barn that has nests, perches and dust-bathing areas and have open access to food, which is organic, strictly vegetarian and non-GMO. To produce the safest eggs, no hormones, antibiotics or synthetic chemicals are used in raising the hens.

The result of all this care? You get eggs that are certified organic by ECO-CERT Canada and have an unbelievable taste. Pick up a carton of the daily hand-graded eggs to experience freshness that you can taste. To make the eggs available to you at any time, you can also pick up eggs at Brightside Eggs from their convenient vending machine on their farm!


With all the cows in Chilliwack, you can expect some terrific dairy products, which is exactly what the Smits family creates with their company of cows. As a family farm, Smits and Co.w produces some truly crave-worthy cheese, which is produced on-site and can be purchased directly from their farm store.

The cheeses are made from milk from their own herd of Holstein and Brown Swiss cows, which are pastured from April to October, as well as herd or local goats, which are pastured year round. The cheeses are all-natural, using vegetable-source rennet, and made without any added colouring or preservatives.

From their Dutch heritage, the Smits primarily produce gouda cheese made the traditional way. Just because the methods are traditional doesn’t mean the flavours, which range from rustic to robust, need to be. With flavours like cumin, pesto and piri piri, you’ll want to try them all!

Chillwack has many treasures but food fresh from the field may be the crown jewel. Once you’ve tasted the local farm products, you’ll wonder why you purchase products from the supermarket. If you live in town, you’ll be able to get food directly from the farm all the time.

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to settle or searching for the opportunity to own your own farm, which is even more rewarding, get help from a Realtor that has decades of experience in Chilliwack. Not only will you get expert advice, but you’ll get unmatched accountability and credibility. Get in touch with Bryan today to reside in Chilliwack and experience the possibilities of adding a bit more flavour to your life!