Our top 5 favourite restaurants in Chilliwack

Our top 5 favourite restaurants in Chilliwack

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Do you love dining out as much as we do? We’ve got you covered with our picks for Chilliwack’s top 5 restaurants that will tantalise your taste buds this summer season!


8835 Young Rd

Recipient of the Best Indian Establishment by the Food Awards British Columbia, Shandhar Hut has been a staple of the Chilliwack community for nearly 50 years!

This family run restaurant boasts its dedication towards maintaining outstanding food quality, preparation and service standards. By melding locally sourced ingredients with a menu featuring traditional dishes made popular in the Punjab province of India, Shandhar Hut captures what it means to have a truly authentic Indian dining experience.

By focusing on not only the taste, but the presentation, the sounds, and the aromas— this award winning locale will leave you with an experience that is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to your taste buds.


Located on the corner of Yale Rd. and Hocking Avenue, Bozzini’s Restaurant is a warm, family run locale that has been servicing the Chilliwack community for over 40 years!

Their eclectic menu, warm atmosphere, and fair pricing is what they feel is their biggest asset in Chilliwack’s highly competitive restaurant industry.

The combination of a fresh menu and live music helps create the robust arts and culinary experience that patrons have come to expect from this family-run restaurant staple of the Chilliwack community.


Family owned and operated since 2008, Chilies Thai Cuisine stays true to its Thai roots by placing an emphasis on aromatic components in its food, as well as spicy sauces and dips that accompany many of their dishes.

Although dedicated to the preservation of authentic Thai cooking, Chilies Thai Cuisine and its
carefully crafted menu allows patrons the opportunity to enjoy Thai food at whatever spice level suits their fancy (by adding more or less chilies to each dish).

Come test your spice tolerance at this community staple!


46224 Yale Road

This casually elegant cosmopolitan restaurant has an inspired menu of top-quality local ingredients sourced from the area we live (Pacific North-West).

By focusing on providing patrons with a unique experience that is reflected in their ambience, and exemplary service, Bravo Restaurant & Lounge can position itself as one of the premier fine-dining experiences in the Chilliwack area.

Their intimate, yet social atmosphere offers itself as the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, especially with one of their exceptional martinis in hand!


Experience the culinary delights of authentic Japanese cuisine in this lovely locale! With a friendly atmosphere, robust array of fresh sushi, and private booths that offer a truly intimate dining experience—Tokyo Japanese Grill is a must for sushi-lovers!

Equipped with a variety of vegan and vegetarian options that are sure to make your mouth water, this lovely little Japanese restaurant and their friendly staff are a staple in the Chilliwack restaurant industry!