Outdoor Dining in Chilliwack That You Must Try

Outdoor Dining in Chilliwack That You Must Try

cutlery on outdoor wooden table

One of the great things about Chilliwack is the fantastic view that we have in the city. Without obstruction by highrises, this view is accessible to everybody, and you don’t need to head to any specific viewpoints to enjoy it.

With the abundance of farmland in and around the city, not only does it prevent overdevelopment, but it also provides a steady supply of fresh farm products. Since Chilliwack has the warmest average temperature in Canada, why not take advantage of the weather and dine outside?

Chilliwack has some amazing outdoor dining establishments that you should absolutely give a try. Whether you want to maintain a bit of distance in a wide-open space or are looking to soak up some sunshine, read on for some spacious outdoor dining options in Chilliwack.


Tucked away on a farm in Greendale, you might not notice Farmhouse Brewing Co but it’s well-worth seeking out. If you haven’t tried the beers of Farmhouse Brewing, which are sold in select liquor stores in Chilliwack, you’ll be in for a treat with the full beer selection at their tasting room and kitchen.

Though known primarily as a brewery, its kitchen serves more than just snacks. Farmhouse Brewing sticks to its bread and butter (or its brew in this case) while offering inspired selections such as charcuterie with honey beer spread and Hawaiian pizza with beer-braised pineapples. A combination of beer and food is hard to top, but being able to have it while enjoying some fresh air with expansive farm views makes it even better.


As a long-established local brewery, you may be familiar with the refreshing and adventurous flavours of Old Yale Brewing Co’s line-up of beers. Many don’t know that Old Yale Brewing also serves a full menu of food at its brewery though.

Even if you’re unable to venture out to the surrounding mountains, rivers and lakes around Chilliwack, you can still take your tastebuds for an adventure at Old Yale Brewing’s campfire-inspired Campfire Kitchen. Whether you opt for the aromatic citrus pork tacos, gourmet duck confit club sandwich or rustic salmon bowl, this is unlike any camping food that you’ve ever had.

You don’t need to head out of the city to enjoy a bit of the camping experience with smokey, fire-roasted flavours and the stunning sky overhead. Though not in the middle of nature, you can still experience the warm camping vibes conveniently located right in the city at Campfire Kitchen.


For a full, proper meal outside featuring an extensive menu and an impressive view to match, Legends Bistro will please just about everyone. From a breakfast benedict to a satisfying burger or ribs with all the fixings, anytime is a good time to dine or grab a drink at Legends Bistro.

With the many golf courses in Chilliwack, Legends Bistro is surrounded by the natural environment from its location at the Cultus Lake Golf Club, and a membership is not required in order to dine with a full view of the green, ponds, trees and mountains. Whether you dine on the deck or the large garden patio, this is one of the most serene dining experiences that you’ll find in town.

With outdoor dining possible from spring all the way to autumn, it makes sense to take advantage of warm temperatures in Chilliwack and dine outside. Not only will you be able to avoid crowding with others in a cramped space, but you can also get some fresh air and a view of the magnificent mountains. With all the agricultural land in town, the weather and scenery pairs perfectly with all the local and fresh farm food.

From the fantastic weather, amazing views and farm products available year round, Chilliwack has lots to offer. To be able to dine among the outdoor treasures of this environment all the time, you may consider settling in Chilliwack. Finding a home can be made easier with the help of a top Realtor®. From having over two decades of experience in real estate in Chilliwack, get in touch with the team at Bryan Van Hoepen for expert advice today.