The best farm food that can be enjoyed in Chilliwack year round

The best farm food that can be enjoyed in Chilliwack year round

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During the harvest season, it’s no secret that Chilliwack has some of the best farm-fresh food. What happens when you miss the summer harvest though? Don’t worry! You can enjoy many of Chilliwack’s farm products year-round.

Though summer provides a bounty of fruits, most vegetables continue to grow and are harvested in the autumn. Many foods can even be stored throughout the year. Here’s a guide to where you can find the best farm products in Chilliwack regardless of the season.


Certain foods are available fresh from the farm in Chilliwack year-round, such as eggs and cheese, but honey is an amazing food that can be enjoyed all the time. Though honey is available fresh from June to September, it is a rare and ancient food that does not spoil. As a food that is naturally infused with flavours from the environment in which it’s created, you haven’t tasted Chilliwack until you’ve tasted the honey of Chillwack.

One the premier honey producers in Chilliwack is Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey. Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey crafts a gourmet honey that is completely natural and unpasteurized. Though they offer a wide variety of honey, such as raspberry, maple or thistle, all of their honeys are unblended, allowing you to taste the distinct notes of each variety.

Aside from honey, Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey also has a number of bee products, including fresh pollen, handmade propolis cream, royal jelly and hand-poured pure beeswax candles. As a popular shop in Granville Market Public Market for three decades, we’re fortunate that Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey has a farm store right in Greendale.


Chilliwack is renowned for its delicious corn but what if you want a sweet treat outside of its harvest season in late summer to early autumn? For another ancient food that has also been around for thousands of years, it’s hard to think of a better snack than popcorn.

For truly delicious popcorn, you have to try the hand-popped kettle corn from True North Kettle Corn! The family-run company keeps everything you don’t want out, such as genetically modified corn kernels, additives, preservatives and butter, so you can have kettle corn the way that it was meant to be. As a gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free snack, it can be enjoyed by just about everyone.

The use of four simple ingredients is all it takes to create this favourite treat. Just how much do people in Chilliwack love the kettle corn from True North Kettle Corn? Well, it won both the Best in Show and the Best Sweet Treat awards at the 2014 We ♥ Local Awards. With such a scrumptious snack that’s easily available in stores across Chilliwack, you will wonder why you ever settled for microwave popcorn.


To incorporate a little bit of Chilliwack to any of your meals, whether in biscuits, pizza or muffins, you could utilize some of Chilliwack’s grains. For the bakers in town, you absolutely should try the grains from Anita’s Organic Grain & Flour Mill, which produces grains that don’t use any chemicals or genetically-modified organisms.

What separates the grains from Anita’s Organic Grain & Flour Mill is the care taken to produce their flours, cereals and mixes. The grains are freshly delivered directly to the mill in small batches each day and kept intact to preserve their nutritional qualities. By allowing the grains to sprout and from milling the grains at a low temperature, enzymes are preserved and the amount of vitamins and minerals are increased. The resulting flour is also easier to digest so people with gluten and wheat sensitivities may consume it.

In addition to being incredibly nutritious, products created from sprouted grains are tastier from the sugars released from the fermentation process. Whether you bake up a storm with the range of flours, whether you choose their all-purpose flour, buckwheat flour or high-protein flour, or try their Morning Rush Raw Cocoa Instant Oat Cereal, you can be sure it will be delicious.


The locally-made bread and cheese would be even better paired with one thing: wine! Yes, Chilliwack has its own winery, and the results may surprise you. Established on a piece of land with a rich heritage rests Whispering Horse Winery, a family-owned boutique winery with ranching history, which lives on in the winery’s name.

When it comes to grapes, Whispering Horse Winery certainly does not horse around! All of the vineyard’s grapes are grown right on the estate and the winery specifically chose varieties of grapes that are well-suited to grow in the local climate and are disease resistant, which reduces the need to spray the vines. The winery creates its wines without any additives, fining and filtration and only uses minimum intervention to allow for the true expression of the grapes.

From all this effort comes a selection of whites, rosés and sparkling wines that take advantage of the cooler climate to produce a crisp and refreshing result. With a bottle of this small-lot wine, you could be absorbed in a glass of local, carefully crafted wine while you taste the terroir of Chilliwack.

Whether you’re enjoying kettle corn while watching the leaves change colours or sipping a glass of wine as the city blooms again, with all the local farms in Chilliwack and the people dedicating to creating the freshest and best-tasting farm products, this is a food haven. Regardless of the time of year, you can come to expect two things in Chilliwack: fresh fantastic food and exceptional scenery.

If you want to be in the land of bountiful harvest between picturesque mountains and rivers, Chilliwack is the place for you. Moving here doesn’t need to be as hard as you think either. With a little help from a top-producing Realtor®, you could find the perfect community or even look into owning your own farm for an especially rewarding experience. To get started with your home search, contact Bryan today to experience the possibilities.