Top Attractions Around Chilliwack

Top Attractions Around Chilliwack

chilliwack flower fields

If you know anything about Chilliwack, you’ve probably heard about the great farm products and the natural wonders around the city. In fact, the natural attractions around Chilliwack are so spectacular that tourists flock here every year. From mountains to rivers to lakes, there’s lots to see and do. To find out the top things to do that draw people to the city, here are the top attractions around Chilliwack.


People throughout the Lower Mainland head to Cultus Lake in the warmer months for a day of outdoor fun. Cultus Lake is one of the warmest lakes in the Lower Mainland, making it an extremely popular summer destination. Not only is the lake great for swimming, but you could also canoe, jet ski or wakeboard on the lake. You can complete your day in the sun with a night under the stars at the campground at Cultus Lake Provincial Park. Be sure to book early though as lots of tourists will be eyeing one of the coveted camping spots!


Right by Cultus Lake is Cultus Lake Waterpark, which is another extremely popular attraction. Cultus Lake Waterpark is the largest waterpark in BC and it’s known for its variety of exciting waterslides. Be prepared to slide in giant bowls, in complete darkness and on tubes and rafts along twists, turns and drops! In addition to over a dozen waterslides, you can float in a simulated river or relax in one of the five hot tubs. For even more fun, check out its sister amusement park, Cultus Lake Adventure Park, which is right across the street.


Chilliwack is known for its fantastic agricultural output, including its fresh and delicious farm food. Probably the most famous crop in town is sweet corn. Corn isn’t just fantastic to eat though. A field of corn can also form a fun attraction. From the many corn mazes in the city, the Chilliwack Corn Maze & Pumpkin Farm is the original and one of the largest in town, allowing you to challenge yourself as you find your way through the 12 acre maze. Don’t try to savour the corn here though as this particular crop is not the sweet variety grown for human consumption.


With all the agricultural land in Chilliwack, the city has a number of farm attractions that draws visitors from all over the Lower Mainland. A festival on one of the Chilliwack farms that you must visit is the Chilliwack Tulip Festival. This is the largest tulip festival in western Canada with fields featuring millions of tulips. You may have seen the stunning photos from the festival posted online and want to take some photos yourself. Nothing beats seeing the endless sea of flowers for yourself though!


The flat agricultural land extends across the Fraser Valley until reaching the picturesque mountains that stretch up to the sky, with some reaching heights well over 2,000 metres. With such high mountains, it creates some impressive waterfalls. One of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls in the area is Bridal Veil Falls. If you head to Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park, you will be captivated by a magnificent view of water tumbling down 60 metres of rock face. Taking a hike to this easily accessible waterfall brings you right near the base so you can see it towering above you.


The Chilliwack River, which is known as the Vedder River west of the Vedder Bridge, although many people call the entire river the Vedder River, is one of the most popular rivers for fishing in BC from its high productivity of fish. Fish are available throughout most of the year, with the prized steelhead, which are prized for their fight, available from January to May, chinook salmon from June to September and coho salmon from September to November. With all the people congregating to fish, you’ll need to carve out your own “reel estate” in the Vedder River, or check out some other great fishing spots in Chilliwack.

As you probably noticed, most of the top attractions in Chilliwack are from the natural environment around the city. The warm weather creates warm lakes to play in as well as long growing seasons that produce tasty crops and beautiful fields. The tall mountains have snow melt that create spectacular waterfalls and rivers stocked full of fish. These are some of the most popular attractions for tourists, and the city has so much more to explore.

With a world of adventure that surrounds the city, great shopping and events in town and easy access to the metropolitan Vancouver area, Chilliwack really does provide the best blend of city life and outdoor fun. If you would like to settle in this wonderful city, it would help to speak to a local Realtor® about your needs. With excellent knowledge of the neighbourhoods of Chilliwack as well a commitment to accountability and credibility, the team at Bryan Van Hoepen can help you find your perfect home in the city. Contact the team to get started today.