Top Places For a Day of Fun In Chilliwack

Top Places For a Day of Fun In Chilliwack

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With the year-round warm weather in Chilliwack, it’s always a great time to be outdoors. Although the city has many great parks and recreation facilities, sometimes you just have a yearning to connect with nature. Fortunately, the natural environment in all its splendour is easily accessible.

As the days become longer in the spring and summer, a couple hours outside just doesn’t seem enough. For a whole day of outdoor leisure, many local parks provide a variety of activities. Here are some top places to spend a day (or more) of outdoor fun in Chilliwack.


Perhaps the most well-known outdoor destination around Chilliwack is Cultus Lake Provincial Park. Due to the warm Chilliwack weather, Cultus Lake is one of the warmest lakes in the Lower Mainland, which is why it is extremely popular for outdoor activities.

Cultus Lake encompasses just about all the outdoor activities that Chilliwack has to offer, making an ideal starting point for your weekend adventure. If you prefer a relaxing day on the lake, you could go fishing or tubing. For a bit of physical activity, you could go swimming or canoeing. If you desire speed and excitement, you could rent a jet-ski or wakeboard and go wild.

Though the lake is the primary draw, you would be missing out if you didn’t explore the trails leading throughout the provincial park and up the mountains. Though not part of the provincial park, you can find the famed Cultus Lake Waterpark and some great golfing at Cultus Lake Golf Club and Tap-Ins Putting Course just to the north.

With so much to do, you may want to stay a night or more at the campsites, which are open from around April to October, or cabins at the park. Be sure to book early though as this is one of the most visited parks in the province.


If you’re looking for a park that is a bit more manageable in size while not compromising on the variety of outdoor activities in which you can participate, Island 22 Regional Park has everything you need for an enjoyable day outside.

The park features a large boat launch, allowing you to easily access the fantastic fishing in the Fraser River, which is full of salmon, trout, steelhead and the elusive sturgeon. On the shores, you can enjoy a picnic or take a stroll along the easily walkable flat trails. With an off-leash dog area, you can bring your furry companion to join in on the fun.

In addition to the regular trails, the park also has a bike skills area with five distinct zones, including an advanced jumps zone and even a sand jump if you need a softer landing. One of the most unique attractions to Island 22 Regional Park is the equestrian park, which features trails, jumps and a show ring. Even if you won’t be riding a horse through the meadows, you can still be entertained watching riders in the jump courses.

Island 22 Regional Park has a small fee from June to October. If you visit the park multiple times during the year, season passes are also available at its Gatehouse.


Do you feel like you need to heed the call of the wild? Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park may be just the place for you.

The pristine wilderness of the backcountry allows you to appreciate the old-growth forests with all the birds and other wildlife that you may be able to spot. In the water, opportunities for the usual activities, such as canoeing and fishing, are available and windsurfing is also possible with the strong winds in the area. The waters do get quite cold though so you may prefer reclining on the fine sands of the beaches that line the lake as opposed to taking a dip.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can find some of the toughest and most rewarding hikes in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. With its stunning greenish glow, Lindeman Lake and Greendrop Lake are some of the most spectacular lakes you’ll see and well worth the trek!

A single day may not be enough to immerse yourself in the wilderness so fortunately, various campsites are available in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park from April to October. Make sure to plan ahead though as bookings are required at the campgrounds and permits are required for backcountry camping.

Chilliwack is packed with so much to do with all its rivers, lakes and mountains. As nature surrounds and spills into the city, the great outdoors is literally just minutes away from whichever Chilliwack neighbourhood you may be in.

While you were just introduced to some of the most popular parks around Chilliwack, the area has so many outdoor activities for you to explore. If you’re considering moving to a place where outdoor fun can easily be integrated into your daily life, it starts with finding a home and location that best fits your lifestyle. To find the best neighbourhood for your needs, trust in the experience of a Realtor® with over two decades of experience in Chilliwack and contact the team at Bryan Van Hoepen for housing advice today.