What you need to know about healthcare in Chilliwack

What you need to know about healthcare in Chilliwack

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When settling somewhere new, one of the most important considerations is the healthcare services in the area. Though the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, rivers and lakes have likely captivated you and the character of Chilliwack’s neighbourhoods may charm you, you may be looking into the more practical aspects of living within Chilliwack before deciding whether you would like to settle here.

No matter how exciting the local lifestyle is, healthcare should always be a top priority regardless of your age. Whether you are evaluating raising a family or retiring here, the health of your family and yourself are key factors to your sense of security and long-term happiness. Luckily, the healthcare services in Chilliwack are first-rate. Read on to learn what you need to know about healthcare in Chilliwack.


Though the healthcare system in Canada is generally great, Chilliwack is fortunate to have a hospital of its own that is fantastic. Chilliwack General Hospital has over 1,400 employees, including over 130 general practitioners and specialists. With 148 acute care beds and plenty more in its extended care facilities, the hospital is able to handle over 55,000 emergency room visits and over 110,000 ambulatory care visits.

Impatient services include intensive care, coronary care, maternity, medicine, palliative care, psychiatry, surgical, sub-acute and transitional care. A full range of outpatient services are available, including:

  • Ambulatory day care
  • Critical care unit
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Emergency 24/7 care
  • Gynecology/urology
  • Diabetes program
  • IV therapy
  • Laboratory services
  • Medical and surgical day care
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Cancer care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pre-admission clinic
  • Respiratory clinic
  • Speech/language pathology


Chilliwack General Hospital is also able to serve diverse populations. In addition to sign language interpreters, language interpreting services are available in over 150 languages. Spiritual health services are available to people of all religious beliefs and even those without faith, allowing people to connect to their beliefs, find meaning or express themselves. Ethics consultations are also available.

Even though the services offered by Chilliwack General Hospital are extensive, they are ever expanding. After a major $35 million expansion in 2011 to upgrade its laboratory, emergency room and a number of care facilities, it continues to undergo improvements by adding an echocardiogram in 2016 to shorten wait times and the first GE Frontier Revolution CT scanner in Canada in 2019.

Chilliwack General Hospital made several enhancements to better serve families. It created a new unit to provide better care to kids in 2016 with five pediatricians, nurses with pediatric training and 24-hour observation. The maternity ward received upgrades in 2019, including new monitoring equipment and a freezer storing donated breast milk from the BC Women’s Milk Bank.

With its range of services, Chilliwack General Hospital will most likely meet all your medical and surgical needs. For additional peace of mind, Abbotsford Regional Hospital, another full healthcare facility, is only a 25 minute drive away. Whatever health care you may require, Chilliwack’s hospital system has you covered.


One of the main clinics in Chilliwack is Chilliwack Primary Care Clinic (CPCC), which is conveniently located within Chilliwack General Hospital. The clinic offers comprehensive care and is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. In the CPCC, you will receive health care from a team of general practitioners, nurse practitioners, a psychiatrist, a mental health clinician and a clinical pharmacist.

If you are new to town, the CPCC provides you with initial health services and helps you find a family physician. If you visited Chilliwack General Hospital and don’t have a family physician, you will be discharged to the CPCC, which will also link you to a family doctor.

For those without a family doctor, you don’t need to go through the CPCC to be attached to one. Chilliwack has a Patient Attachment Mechanism (PAM) that links you to a family doctor. To register, you can call 604-795-0034 or register online.

Chilliwack also has a number of walk-in clinics. For a list of walk-in clinics with their locations, opening hours and wait times, Medimap is a great resource.


The community in Chilliwack actively involved in helping everybody and upholding quality healthcare within the city. The Chilliwack Division of Family Practice is a collection of physicians that are dedicated to collaboratively work to improve healthcare in the community. Organizations such as the Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation and the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary also work towards supporting the healthcare in Chilliwack.

For women who are expecting children, the Chilliwack Obstetrical Group (COGs) is a group of family doctors providing care to pregnant women. They offer prenatal, delivery and postnatal services to women and deliver half the babies in Chilliwack. You will either need a referral from your family doctor or you can register yourself from the COGs website.

Chilliwack Youth Health Centre provides drop-in medical and mental health services to youth and young adults between the ages of 12 and 26 years. The Chilliwack  Youth Health Centre addresses issues related to anxiety, depression, substance use, gender issues, family conflict, peer conflict and school and life planning. The services are free and confidential and offered in a non-threatening, youth-friendly environment.

With the safety of your family in mind, healthcare will be brought to the forefront. Fortunately, Chilliwack’s medical and healthcare system is robust enough to give you peace of mind. Not only is the healthcare in Chilliwack tremendous, but the people that form the community collaboratively work together to make it even better.

What makes Chilliwack such an outstanding place to live is that it has the healthcare and amenities of a large city without all the congestion. People have their space, and they are minutes away from the vast openness of nature.

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